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Social Media is much more than just poking your friends.

It’s a massive marketing tool for your business.


Customer Service

In an age where communication is more important than ever, social media sites such as Twitter make the perfect platform to communicate with both potential and existing customers.


Brand Awareness

With more than 30% of all online use happening through social media, nowadays many people get to hear about a brand for the first time on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


Reputation Management

Whether your business is on social media or not, people are still able to talk about your business and the service levels they received. 


Indirect Sales Channel

Every day people are asking for recommendations about businesses like yours. Unless you have someone there, listening to these conversations and ready to interact.


Social Marketing

Marketing your business where people spend most of their time on the internet is a key way to obtain a great return.


Customer Retention

Being available as a personal figure on Social Media, means that you are easy to contact.

So why is Social Media really important to my business?

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